Who am I?

I have set goals in MLM and I have reached them. I have built a successful MLM network online. Instead of me, my website is selling products and business opportunities. And I have the best partner for this: DXN.

I’m getting 50 years old this year. I have been already dealing with online marketing and direct sales training for almost 20 years. I have carried out several successful Internet projects.

Through years after working long hours week by week in the office I spent months keeping sales and online marketing trainings either in Hungary or one of the neighbour countries. I couldn’t have a rest for a moment or perhaps I didn’t want to.

I have always known that the MLM is a fantastic opportunity but I couldn’t get enthusiastic about neither the product of any company nor their marketing plan.

I was looking for the answer for the why and I found 2 reasons.

One of them is that every MLM seemed too pushy. During the trainings I kept I taught direct sales so I got in touch with hundreds of beginner and advanced sales people. That sales people were trying to offer me plenty of MLM business opportunities. Everybody was pushing by all means and with so many different book-like tricks they wanted me to join their businesses.

The most common trick I often meet sounds like this: “We are not looking for distributors but leaders. Laszlo that’s why we are looking for you. You could be very successful”.

The second reason is that a well-functioning MLM business doesn’t require creativity. It’s based on bald statistical facts, and anybody who follows the instructions, copies what should be followed, does the requested amount of invitations, does the requested amount of presentations can be successful, so if every objection is lost on him and he presses on like a bulldoser, he will be certainly successful. And he is going to be really successful. This is the point of MLM business and it has been working all over the world and is going to work as well. In a system like this I, as a distributor, am a statistical data and if I do the required work then I win. That’s it and nothing else, there is no need to think, it only has to be done.

The opportunity is huge in the MLM business, the income and the lifestyle connected to it are really attractive but I still couldn’t make myself how to be enthusiastic about it, because it is not working without it, is it.

After a while I have found out the solution: I’ll have to build a MLM network! I have to prove that without pressing on the offline world it is also possible to build a successful network. Instead of me my website is going to sell the products and business opportunities. I am going to make business with those people who I have never met in the physical reality and for whom I provide an online marketing system with which they can be successful either.

In my spouse, Aniko, I have found not only a supporter of my plans but an active participant in business, who is my partner in the business world as well, and who significantly contributed to carrying out my ideas with her innovative thoughts and opinions.

So everything was given and I felt that even my creativity would be needed to do the job. I was enthusiastic too but the most important things, the suitable product and company partner were still missing.

Although it was not at the first, but at the second try, I managed to find the ideal partner in every aspect in the management of the Malaysian DXN company and its product.

Their product speaks for itself as the majority of the adult population are not simply coffee consumers but almost coffee addicted. It feels good to offer them a different kind of coffee which in our experience is better for their health.

The business part of the system is simple and free from any liabilities and it does not require financial investment.

The DXN is a market leader, stable, transparent firm on the stock market.

The online network building system developed by us is certainly working for everyone independently of anyone’s work experience. Now that I can already prove it, I have written a book about it, which can be useful for you to decide if you will take on the business or not.

In conclusion, the feeling that is the most important for me is that thousands of people who think similarly to me, who don’t push by all means but who are actively willin to improve their life comfortably from home have already joined me online.

It’s a pleasure to work with them!

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