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What Is Morinzhi?

What is Morinzhi?

Morinzhi is composed of noni fruit and roselle. The noni fruit is a tropical fruit that is widely found in Southeast Asia and Australasia. It is also known as Indian Mulberry and has many names in different countries in tropical countries. The DXN Morinzhi contains a lot of antioxidants and has anti-aging effects besides several benefits for the body.


10 Facts About Morinzhi

1.Morinzhi improves the endocrine system and regulates hormones.
2. Morinzhi enhances the immune system.
3. Morinzhi relaxes blood vessels, regulating blood pressure.
4. Morinzhi increases blood flow to cells, tissues, and organs and prevents coronary heart disease.
5. Morinzhi Improves pancreatic functions and regulates blood sugar.
6. Morinzhi increases endorphin hormones and relieves anxiety and depression.
7. Morinzhi has anti-inflammation and pain relief effects.
8. Morinzhi aids anti-histamine reactions and relieves allergies.
9. Morinzhi contains antioxidants, thus slowing down aging.
10. Morinzhi improves lung functions.

My Morinzhi Story

On December 23, 2017 I became 50 years old and I decided to start the longest period of product presentation in my life. I’ve decided to drink one bottle of Morinzhi each and every day and I will be recording them. The videos will be uploaded to my new youtube channel.

You can watch the summary video of the first 5 years period here: