10 Facts
About MLM

What you need to know before decide

Why have I written this book?

There are a great many misunderstandings regarding network marketing.

Unfortunately, many companies have fraudulently used this business model and this is where so many misconceptions, justifiable prejudices and negative experiences have come from.

You can often see business builders, who relentlessly try to achieve results unprofessionally, misleading others with halftruths either intentionally or unintentionally all under the aegis of network marketing.

Now is the time to discuss the facts about network marketing and show this business model from another perspective so that those who are looking for a decent company, a decent product or a decent service can make the right decision.

I wish you luck with your open-minded, prejudice-free reading and with making the right decision.

I wish you luck with your open-minded, prejudice-free reading and with making the right decision.


I believe that network marketing, as a business model, is a very effective system.

I believe that network marketing can be done differently to the way that so many have experienced.

I believe that this business model, combined with a decent company, can be an excellent way of creating wealth for many people.

Above all, I believe that if someone reads this book with a truly open mind and puts aside their legitimately acquired prejudices, their opinion about the network marketing business model can change.

Additionally, I should add that I do not simply believe the aforementioned statements, but rather I know them to be true from my years of experience.

Online Goldmine (sold out)

I have written a book about my online network-building experience, its title is Online Goldmine. This book is available for everyone – irrespectively of any MLM network company – at the greatest Hungarian bookstores and besides, my downline use it successfully as a contact book too. Many people tend to make sure about the advantages and effectiveness of online MLM building by reading the book and after it join my MLM business.

The book is available only in Hungarian but if you are interested in another language, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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